The home from home experience.

Caroline, Rushan and an intimate team remain at guests’ disposal, making every effort to ensure they enjoy the full Pure House Ibiza experience and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Pure_House_Ibiza_bohemian_luxury _boutique_hotel_garden_entrance_coconut_tree_blue_sky

Pure House Ibiza is a true style haven that can be booked in its entirety for

  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Photo and movie shoots
  • Free WI-FI throughout the hotel; in rooms, living areas and terraces
  • Free concierge services to maximise your stay
  • Complimentary continental breakfast from 9:00am to 11.30am
  • Snacks and tapas created by Rushan, available from the restaurant for lunch
  • Bar with cocktails, fine wines and champagnes
  • Living room with flat screen TV & European channels
  • 23-meter swimming pool and beach towels
  • SPA for massage and body/facial treatments
  • Yoga, pilates and personal training
  • Laundry services
  • Free parking


Traditional Thai Massage
60 minutes €90
Acupressure point massage on the meridians unblocks trapped energy and releases tension throughout the body. It is often referred to as passive yoga due to intensive stretching of all major muscle groups and mobilization of joints. No oil is applied to the skin. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Pregnancy Massage
60 minutes €90
This specially designed prenatal treatment accommodates all stages of pregnancy after the first trimester. Ideal for
tired legs and feet. Relaxing acupressure and stretching for your lower legs and feet improve blood circulation.
This is followed by a full body massage done in a side position with a relaxing facial massage.

Pure Back Massage
2 x 30 minutes € 45 pp
2 x 45 minutes €65 pp
Couples, friends and children can share in a compact 30 or 45 minute back massage session especially designed
and save time by having their massage treatment in parallel.


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COMING SOON !!! In April 2017, Yoga &Wellness retreats will start at PURE HOUSE IBIZA. For information; send an e-mail at

A holiday at PURE HOUSE IBIZA offers you the chance to experience the island’s wonderful natural environment. The incredible beauty of Ibiza will boost your energy as well as make you feel rejuvenated and revitalized. The highly skilled Ibiza Balance health experts can provide you with a full range of bodywork, massage and beauty treatments during your stay at PURE HOUSE IBIZA. The chill out in our tropical garden is the idyllic place to enjoy a massage or a personal training and yoga exercises.


Ibiza Relax Massage
60 minutes €90
90 minutes €135
This truly relaxing massage includes thumb pressure and skin rolling combined with stretching. Followed by a session of head, neck and face acupressure. This healing massage with medium pressure soothes, relaxes and energizes.

Ibiza Balance Signature Massage
75 minutes €120
A holistic massage developed by Ibiza Balance professionals. It is the result of our extensive experience in a wide range of methods including Western and Asian massage techniques. Therapeutic pressure is applied to create a unique and personalized massage therapy experience just for you.

Total Wellbeing Asia
60 minutes €90
Asian massage techniques start with steaming lime-scented towel and a lemongrass sea salt hand and foot scrub. This is followed by a Thai foot massage ritual and relaxing shoulder, back and neck massage. An energizing full body aromatherapy massage rounds off the invigorating treatment.

60 minutes €90
This holistic Japanese therapy applies finger and palm pressure to the meridians and includes stretches and other massage techniques in order to achieve a new level of wellbeing as well as physical and mental balance. This ancient therapy encourages the proper flow of qi – our life energy.