Our dream for 2017

The January sunshine is feeling her way through the Pure House Ibiza gardens and gently warming every branch, leaf and flower as the New Year begins.

The feeling of peace you experience in nature is priceless; the quiet whispers of the trees, the occasional swish of leaves, the tweets of birds and whir of insects’ wings. At Pure House Ibiza we are encased in an ancient pine forest and are blessed to be fully cocooned in nature. The silence of the forest instills us with a deep sense of peace and it is this that we gift you for 2017, and it is this that we desire for our beautiful planet.

The sense of peace is enhanced by the subtle design, understated luxury feel and natural materials we use. We’ve preserved the authenticity and simplicity of our 19th century finca, simply adding our personal blend of elegance and conviviality that we hope you’ll enjoy. Our whitewashed walls, ethnic touches, bespoke artisan furniture and intriguing art create a simple backdrop to enhance that provided by nature, creating a soothing sanctuary that offers respite for the soul. We invite you to our home to share in the peace and we pray that it ripples out to the rest of the world.

We closed 2016 with a deep sense of gratitude as our bedrooms were filled with happy, relaxed souls throughout the season. It was our pleasure to see guests snoozing on the terraces after a tea, lounging by the pool and soaking up the scenery. Surrounded by orange, mango, apricot and fig trees, olive groves and exotic Mediterranean foliage, the Pure House Ibiza nature fix instantly relaxes and revives you.

We opened Pure House Ibiza to provide a sanctuary for rest and recuperation; a place to find your peace on this beautiful island. Our wish was simple – to open up our home so that you may feel at home and relax without airs and graces.

Our dream for 2017 is simple – for the world to find peace like the peace we find in our hearts. At Pure House Ibiza we offer a peaceful sanctuary for you to find yours.

Next open April 24th 2017. Please email contact@purehouseibiza.com for information.


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