Being part of nature

We’ve found great peace of mind basking in the natural beauty of Ibiza and are thrilled to be able to share it with you. We are lucky to live on a protected area despite being only 5 minutes from Ibiza, so nature is all around us, holding us in her loving embrace.

 Allow her to relax you and lift your mood; enjoy the deep blue skies, soak up the sunshine, hear the rustling of leaves by the gentle Ibiza breeze and feel the ground beneath your feet, connecting you to this beautiful planet and reminding you that we are part of it.

We are a licensed Agrotourismo meaning we farm the land and grow the organic vegetables that land on your plate. You only have to look around the gardens to see the abundance in full flow, with olive groves, orange trees and tropical plants forming a rich natural backdrop on which Pure House Ibiza sits. The nature was so evident when we started renovating that we decided to decorate with a pure and natural touch that does not fight with nature, instead complementing her.

We do recommend a jog or walk along the small dirt track to really appreciate this protected natural zone and immerse yourself in Ibiza’s countryside. With orange and lemon plantations, vineyards and olive trees, Rushan and I call it the marvellous valley as it is such a thriving natural environment.

We know it’s tempting to enjoy nature from a horizontal position so we creating lots of zones to lounge in comfort and privacy. You can take a lazy siesta in a hammock, or pick your spot on one of the terraces and chillouts, providing further opportunity to relax and breathe in your surroundings.

Once you’re out and about try walking or biking between the beaches of Salinas and Es Cavalet until you reach the tower they call Torre de ses Portes. Or take a walk down the pebble beach at Cap des Falco for sunset, after driving down the old narrow road through the salt flats, passing a huge mountain of salt on the way.

Ibiza is so incredibly beautiful it would be a shame to miss her scenic side and this chance to connect with nature. We’ve explored every corner yet continue to find new ones so please do ask. We can arrange guided walks, horse riding, free diving or simply point you in the right direction. We can even help you maximise the views from your lounger with the addition of your favourite drink.


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